Self-catering accommodation in the UK with golf courses nearby

Activity self catering holidays such as golfing holidays can be popular.  Although it is good to relax on holiday, many people also like to keep active.  If playing golf is part of your regular schedule you may not want to miss out on the game whilst you are away on a self catering holiday.  If you are going away with family you may want to find self catering where there is a golf course nearby so you can pop off for the odd game or if going with a group of friends may be you will be looking for a holiday that focuses around golf.

It is usually fun to play on a new course and there are lots of golf courses dotted throughout the UK and Ireland.  Ireland and Scotland have particularly strong reputations for the number and quality of courses there.   

If golfing on holiday is important to you, do check with owners or agencies about how near the golf courses are to the self catering accommodation and get their advice about arrangements for visitors at the courses. 


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