Self catering and cottages to sleep various size groups

Looking for a cottage to sleep 2 or 20?  CountryCottagesOnline.Net aims to make it easy for you to find accommodation to sleep the numbers in your group.  To try to make it as easy as possible for you, here we have listed some common group sizes to help make your search for holiday accommodation quick and easy.


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If you want to search for self catering based on a number of specific requirements then we trust that our advanced cottage search can help you with your search or click on the occupancy required in the menu on the left.  The search function is really useful if you are looking for example for a large self catering cottage that also has a hot tub or pool.

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Small cottages sleeping 2 or 3 people:

Medium size cottages for 4 to 5 people:


Larger Cottages for Groups of 6, 7, 8 or 9:

Larger Group Accommodation:

Accommodation for big groups: 

Really Big Group Accommodation:


  • Use our occupancy search to search for sleeps two, three, four and so on and so forth.  With our occupancy search you can search for self catering to accommodate really big groups too.

 If you're looking for cottages with that certain something, why not take a look at our pages of self catering cottages with various features?



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