Information on travel restrictions due to coronavirus within the UK, updated 8 April 21

The below information applies to residents of the UK looking to book a self-catering holiday in the UK or Northern Ireland.

Can I now book a holiday in the UK?

On the 22 February 21, the UK government announced their planned timetable for getting out of lockdown. Progress and dates are different in the different parts of the UK and different rules apply for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Key dates for cottage holidays being allowed in the UK:

Dates for Holidays in England (for residents of England or Wales)

From 12 April – It is permitted to take a cottage holiday with your single household or with your support bubble in England (no household mixing permitted).

From 17 May - 2 households can holiday together (of any size) or 6 people (from up to 6 households).

Dates for Holidays in Wales (for residents of Wales and England)

From 12 April - Cottage holidays allowed in Wales for single households or with your support bubble.

Dates for Holidays in Scotland

Dates awaited for Scotland, but the target date is 26 April – Further announcements awaited.  

Key Dates for Cottage Breaks in Northern Ireland

Again, as with Scotland no set dates have yet been announced.  Further information is awaited.


As always its strongly recommended that you take out appropriate holiday insurance.