Information on the coronavirus outbreak situation within the UK, updated 8 July 2020

The below information applies to residents of the UK looking to book a holiday in the UK or Northern Ireland.

Can I now book a holiday in the UK?

Following the lockdown within the UK on March 2020 following the coronavirus outbreak, the UK has now eased travel restrictions for UK residents.


You can now holiday within the UK but social distancing rules still apply

•    UK residents can now book holiday cottages in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland and stay in any of these countries and travel between these countries.  Although it’s now possible to holiday within the UK, there are still rules in place when it comes to social distancing which holidaymakers should ensure they are familiar with and adhere to.
•    However, the coronavirus situation is being constantly monitored by the UK government and it’s possible that local lockdowns will take place, such as the recent lockdown in Leicester, depending on the spread of the virus.
•    Holidaymakers are advised to check booking conditions with cottage agencies and independent owners prior to booking.

•    The above information and advice is applicable to residents in the UK who have not been abroad in the past 14 days.

•    Visitors from overseas should check the rules from their own country and keep up to date with the UK's rules on visitors from overseas.