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Find a holiday cottage in Ireland with two double bedrooms

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Coach House Cottage by the Burren National Park, Clare, IrelandViewed 9 times in last week.
Sleeps 7
2 Bedroom
Weekly price
£258 - £503
Coach House Cottage by the Burren National Park
Ennis , Clare
Dog friendly Property
01244 500 540

More about this property: Absolutely charming 2 bedroom holiday cottage with a dogs welcome policy, set within the Burren National Park only around a mile from Corofin.

Holiday Villa 16, Cork, IrelandViewed 47 times in last week.
Sleeps 6
3 Bedroom
Weekly price
£315 - £400
Holiday Villa 16
Youghal, Cork
4-star Property
Facilities: Swimming pool
01244 500 540

More about this property: Looking to holiday by the scenic County Cork coast? If so a stay at this good value 3 bedroom holiday cottage in the seaside town of Youghal could be the perfect place to stay.

Currently next available: from 27 September 2018 to 22 June 2019; more available dates

“Why not book a holiday cottage in Ireland with two double bedrooms”

“Two double bedrooms?” I hear you say… Yes, there are holiday cottages in Ireland which boast two double bedrooms…perfect for couples! If you rarely see your best friend, a holiday cottage is a great way to soak up great food, great scenery and great company. If you have partners, bring them along too…the guys can take to the waves, head to the nearest drinking hole or play a few rounds of golf whilst the girls head to the shops or the beach! Now you can spend quality time with the ‘two people’ who mean the world to you. Being part of a crowd also means that you can piggy back of each other’s ideas and experiences. For example, your friend may know of a great little eatery tucked down some back road or you may have a knack of finding places that no-one else can! Holiday cottages with two double bedrooms offer luxurious accommodation for couples at a very affordable price but still provide that ‘little corner of the world’ for privacy. Great when spending   time away with parents or married sons or daughters.

In today’s independent world siblings grow apart quite quickly…with school taking up most of the day, friends taking up most of the evening and separate bedrooms taking up all the night…some brothers and sisters rarely cross the same path…they share the same roof but hardly any time. Look for holiday homes in Ireland which come complete with two double bedrooms and you could solve this problem…a double bedroom could create valuable brother and sister bonding time...allowing two brothers or two sisters to reunite, reconnect and strengthen their relationship…thus bringing the whole family together. For younger boy’s what could be better than big brother snoozing next to him…for younger girls nothing could feel safer than big sis keeping an eye out for those night monsters…

Alternatively, you and your pooch may want to spend some time with a married friend or relatives…look for pet friendly holiday cottages in Ireland which allow for two double bedrooms and you and your four- legged friend will still be able to share a bed together…You may not have a partner lying next to you but your cuddly canine will never argue about which station to watch on tv…and you will certainly sleep better because he will make you feel safe and secure…plus you won’t have to miss out on a hug either… doggies love to spoon!