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king size bed uk

For ultimate sleeping comfort, a kingsize or superking bed provides ample space to arrange yourself in your favourite position without disturbing your partner. Finding a holiday cottage that has a big wide bed isn’t always easy and relies on a property that has spacious bedrooms that are able to accommodate an extra wide bed.

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The majority of king-size or super-king beds tend to be in high end luxurious accommodation, in large properties. Many of these also offer a fair number of en-suite bedrooms.

Although these spacious beds are popular with most, bed making can be a little more difficult for elderly people because duvets and bedspreads are that bit larger and heavier than the norm. Shaking a duvet may require two people.

Kingsize beds are a blessing on hot humid nights because it is possible to sleep a distance away from your partner and stay cooler, not that most of Britain often has such weather. Hot humid weather at night is much more likely in southern England during the summer and rare in Scotland or coastal areas.

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