Rent a suitable holiday cottage in Ireland if you have mobility problems

Are you thinking about booking your next holiday but worried about how to find the best break for your needs? If you’re enjoying the golden years of having given up work but struggle with using the stairs – holiday homes in Ireland on the ground floor suited to retired people with mobility issues could be exactly what you’re looking for. Being older and having difficulty with getting around doesn’t have to mean that you can’t get the holiday you really want and deserve.

Total relaxation

Staying at hotels or apartments can be a stressful experience if you have mobility problems. You might feel embarrassed about asking for assistance from busy hotel staff, or worry about whether or not there is a lift up to your suite. Opting for an Irish holiday home on the ground floor means that you can totally relax knowing that your needs are taken care of. You’ll also have access to a bathroom on the ground floor so that your holiday rental feels more like home – and that means that you can focus on having a great time, instead of panicking about how you’ll be able to look after yourself while you’re away.


Having mobility issues can mean that you have to put up with people staring as you try to navigate with your wheelchair, crutches or other walking aids. If you’re in pain, this can be especially difficult to deal with. Going self-catering in the emerald isle means that you have your own space, and if you don’t feel like mixing with lots of people – you can stay at your holiday home and just enjoy the gorgeous views. Being retired means that you don’t necessarily want to share your holiday accommodation with families and kids who make a lot of noise – you have earned the right to privacy and tranquillity!

dog friendly disabled holiday cottage irelandTailor made for you

Going for holiday homes in Ireland on the ground floor suited to retired people with mobility issues means that you can get a tailor-made holiday. If you have other requirements aside from the property being on the ground floor, such as wheelchair access – you’ll easily be able to find the right property with a little careful research. This is the kind of break that you can craft according to your every need – so that you have a great holiday and get your money’s worth.

If you own a dog, rent a pet-freindly cottage in Ireland that is adapted for disabled people and you will be able to bring it with you. A holiday in Ireland will be so much more fun when you have your four-legged companion by your side. People always stop and talk to dog owners.

Don’t allow being retired or having issues with getting around to stop you from having a fantastic holiday – go self-catering in Ireland to get everything you need and much more!