Self catering holidays and tips on getting the best price

Making savings when booking cottages

On our site you will find ads from both owners of self catering accommodation as well as agencies.  When dealing with owners direct it is sometimes possible for you to negotiate yourself a bit of a discount, particularly when it comes to last minute availability.  With owners there is no commission involved.  With agencies, they must inevitably take their commission from bookings and are not likely to negotiate on price.   It is not so straightforward though to say that you can get the best price by booking direct with owners.  It can very much depend.  Some agencies have very competitive pricing strategies whereas others are a bit pricey.  As with anything, do your research and shop around with owners and agencies to get the best deal.  Both owners and agencies are likely to offer reductions when it comes to last minute bookings. 

Last minute offers

Some times it is possible to pick up a last minute offer where you can bag a bargain of a cottage break at a knocked down price.  The downside of this though is that if you have particular requirements or a particular type of property in mind you may be disappointed.  Lots of people still plan ahead when it comes to holidays and reserve their cottage of choice way ahead in advance.  When booking last minute your choices will inevitably be limited, compromise and flexibility are the names of the game.