The charm of Ireland for romantic stays

Small chocolate-box holiday cottages set in glorious countryside…ahh… the perfect setting for romantic hideaways for two in Ireland.

irish love nest for twoThe poets of this world will not doubt swoon at the thought of sharing time with a loved one on this beautiful island…the resting place of St Valentine. This is the land of romance where some of the world’s most legendary love stories have unfolded. Such dreamy passages which have touched the hearts of so many…and now… you can book one of those romantic hideaways for two and fill the pages of your own up and coming love story with words and images so vivid and captivating…they could have been copied from the pages of an historian novel.

As you step over the threshold…rustic country charm blends with modern day lush...think… low wooden beams, tapestries, murals…antique furniture, a rustic fireplace, a king- sized bedroom with a window seat that overlooks an everchanging landscape…the whole emphasis focussed on character and charm married with modern everyday essentials such as an ipod docking station and wi-fi…now you can step back in time without having to sacrifice the convenience of electricity!

Romantic hideaways provide the perfect setting…now all you have to do is let the romantic scenes   unfold…slip your hand into your partner’s and take a slow, leisurely walk along the cobbled streets of Ireland…for now is the perfect time to do some good old fashioned flirting. Start making eye contact with your loved one and allow that gaze to linger…there are no distractions so you can really enjoy this time together…ramble through the many splendored pathways and marvel at the beauty of it all without having to say a single word…for you both know how blessed you are to be able to enjoy this precious time together…sharing these beautiful gifts which have been laid before you… embellishing the joy of life and the love that you share for each other at every turn… Be sure to take lots of photographs …use this as a cue to steal a loving kiss or a tender embrace… for these are memories which will last a lifetime…

Fall in love with IrelandRomantic hideaways create that ‘one of a kind’ resort where you can both let go and simply be yourselves…providing the time to reminisce and smile…perhaps recalling those people, trips or things which have brought you great joy…If you head to the beach…do something spontaneous…write something romantic in the sand … go swim in the water or just lie on the sand together…heart to heart…body to body…soul to soul.

And when you return to your holiday cottage…Lay out a blanket, fill it lots of tasty treats and open a bottle of champagne or vintage wine…the very thought of champagne is a trigger for love…the way that those excited little bubbles build slowly and then rise in intensity with such uncontrolled enthusiasm…trying to resist the urge to overflow…until they cannot hold back any longer…and the excitement is so intense that…the cork… pops…huh hum. If champagne is a little out of your price range, red wine acts in a similar way. Yep, a drop of red will keep the arteries open and thus send a healthy surge of blood to the nether regions…but remember… less is more so don’t be tempted to finish the entire bottle no matter how good it is …to quote Shakespeare “Too much red wine will increase the desire but take away the performance”. And as you enjoy the welcoming treats laid out before you… be sure to keep the compliments flowing throughout the evening… find a romantic song on your phone…take your honey and have a romantic smooch under the summer night sky…pick songs which have particular meaning to you both and make the setting even more romantic… light some candles and catch that loving twinkle in your partners eyes…that carefree, happy dreamy glow that romantic hideaways for two coax out… and don’t forget the sunset…watching the sun set is a very intimate experience as you kiss goodbye to 24 hours of memories and welcome the dawn of a fresh new day.

Holidays cottages come in all shapes and sizes…choose one with a swimming pool and add further meaning to the language of love… imagine gazing across the water…your whole world bathed in peace and tranquillity…the air filled with sweet anticipation in a most natural setting…the stars, moon, night sky, love songs… sending messages to the brain which are too sensual for words and can only be experienced through the sense of touch…

And…now as you complete the final paragraph of your own personal love story, set around romantic hideaways for two in Ireland…you will whisper softly three little words…just three little words which will open the gates to paradise and allow you to savour the sweet delights within…three words which will invoke the greatest ‘high’ you have ever experienced and turn that steady glow of passion into an ardent flame…Look into your partner’s eyes…and say ”I love you” say it with conviction…say it from the heart…say it from the soul…say it softly…say it slowly…say it sincerely and… I will leave the rest to yoU.

Ireland holidays for lovers