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Greece Self-Catering Holidays

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From Athens on the mainland to the many beautiful Greek islands, Greece has lots to offer for relaxing and enjoyable self-catering holidays.

As a Mediterranean country, Greece is renowned for its beach resorts and sunshine but the country offers much more than this. Once a cheap holiday destination for many Brits, with the introduction of the Euro, Greece has become increasingly exclusive. Staying in self catering accommodation though can often be helpful when it comes to getting value for money and keeping costs under control.

Greece for Villa Holidays and Apartment Stays in the Sun

Popular for summer sunshine holidays, many are attracted to Greece by images of white washed buildings, sunny skies and beautiful blue seas. Others are fascinated by Greece's ancient history and amazing historical sites such as Olympia, Delphi, Delos, Marathon and Mycenae.. Some people of course are lured by Greece's reputation for friendly welcoming Greeks and tasty food with Greek salads being a big favourite.

The Greeks are by and large a welcoming and direct bunch. Do remember that their language is somewhat different from English. The Greek language lacks the politeness of English and it is a direct language. You can say please and thank you, this is generally appreciated but do not be taken aback by a direct tone and approach as this is characteristic of the Greek language. Greeks don't generally have the same sense of reserve as the British and it is not unusual for Greeks to unabashedly ask all sorts of personal questions about income and personal life than many Brits would balk at. All of this adds to the fun you can have on a self catering holiday in Greece if you get a chance to interact with the locals.


Highlights of Greece include:

  • The world famous capital city of Athens with its gleaming white Acropolis
  • Meteora with its amazing rock formations
  • The beautiful Greek islands
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